It’s not just video. It’s a potent internet marketing tool.

At Ecropolis, we’ve never believed people buy products and services from “websites.”  They buy from people—and companies–they trust, respect, and in whom the can rely.  This is especially true for manufacturing and service companies with business models predicated upon long-term, high confidence relationships with customers and word of mouth marketing for new client referrals.

No form of digital media is more effective than Internet video for serving these two needs.  That’s why 75% of internet managers have identified online video as their number one priority in 2010.  Market research by Click Thru shows online video can increase website conversion by 4 times or more because video:

  • Enhances a customer’s ability to understand or relate to an offering
  • Demonstrates convincing features and benefits
  • Engages the customer on a more personal level

To increase viewership and word of mouth marketing, Ecropolis integrates syndication and sharing tools into its application, so that once a customer views a video they can easily send it to a friend or colleague, or post it on their own blog or social network.  Each video is also indexed with key words and other metadata so it’s easier for prospective customers to search, discover, watch and react.